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To ensure that the implementation of agricultural subsidies in place should be "about three chapters"

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Strengthen the implementation of the process of policy supervision, give full play to the use of subsidized funds efficiency, the implementation of agricultural subsidies on the significance of the policy. Financial funds to support agricultural mechanization operations This is a good thing, the people for such a good policy clapped praise, but in the implementation of the policy, also need to have three off, only to the three off, in order to allow agricultural subsidies more in line with the interests of the masses.

Agricultural subsidies why should set up three customs, that is, in the past agricultural subsidies due to the relevant departments of the door is not strict, there have been farmers to cheat the incident, there are some individuals in the agricultural subsidies to make an article, only take into account their own Interests, while ignoring the interests of the people in the busy season, malicious raise fees, malicious bullying foreign agricultural operations personnel, seriously against the interests of the people, for such people, in the subsidy will set the threshold children, The good policy of subsidy has changed in some people.
The first thing necessary to do the farm on-site acceptance. In the rural areas related personnel to purchase agricultural machinery, the higher government departments can not only purchase invoices and related photos of subsidies, but also the county and township levels of agricultural management of the physical acceptance of qualified before they can enter the subsidy review process.
The second pass on the use of agricultural machinery, this clearance is particularly important. Such as the national promotion of deep plowing operations, this can improve the soil structure, is conducive to high yield of crops. Some agricultural workers have also purchased the equipment, the state also subsidies, but did not use, because the use of deep plowing will certainly increase the use of cost, they are cheaper to buy after the purchase is not used, resulting in a waste of agricultural equipment, so that the country is good Policy does not force, so that must use a good agricultural machinery, the use of equipment to check with the machine, to talk with the farmers.
The third pass is the most critical of the subsidy, farmers check off. This is the main assessment of the main hand in the daily operations, is not reflected in social responsibility, and is not really have the awareness of the people. In the countryside, there are individual players in the charges deliberately raise the toll price, in the village a fee, to the village of a kind of operation. In addition, there are serious bullying behavior, especially in the wheat season, the people need to fight agricultural time, individual combine harvester farmers, in order to gain more benefits, harvest prices remain high, in order to prevent foreign operators to increase their competitive operating pressure, It is not only harmed the interests of foreign farmers, but also seriously hurt the interests of the local people, especially in the rainy years, the emergence of such events It is a serious detrimental behavior. In view of this phenomenon, agricultural subsidies policy can not be implemented, so that in the agricultural subsidies, but also the need for higher levels of government departments to visit farmers, agricultural workers to assess, for the emergence of the phenomenon of bad habits of the machine.
Agricultural subsidies to the good policy must let the whole people benefit, rather than become a farmer hand to get rich cash cow, hope in the future agricultural subsidies, the higher government departments and local government departments a lot of attention, strict agricultural subsidies in the work of the injured , Only in the agricultural subsidies in strict control, I believe that agricultural subsidies will be able to build more people's livelihood and well-being.

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