Why Should I Buy A Curved TV?

Written by admin on May 3, 2017 and posted in Tech.

Why Should I Buy A Curved TV?

Create the ultimate home viewing experience in your living room with power of a curved 4K TV Not only will you get the picture quality of 4K ultra high definition at four times the resolution of full HD, but you’ll also enjoy the greater viewing angle from the curved design. Learn more about the technology and benefits of a curved TV in our guide below. Hello Daniel, yes it’s a bit of an irony but while we think curvature is a flat out gimmick, its presence in a TV doesn’t discount all the other high or low qualities of that particular television. The JS8500, JS9000, JS9500 and even more than any of these, LG’s OLED EG9600 were all curved models with extraordinarily high display quality due to their internal technologies, which have nothing to to with their curved screens. It’s a correlative relationship that you’re seeing here. Curvature was the craze of late 2014 and mainly 2015 (particularly for Samsung and LG) so Samsung and LG put it into their top TVs even if what made those TVs superb had nothing to do with the curve. Find out why you need to Buy a Cheap Curved TV.

One thing we can say for sure is that curved screens make more sense on bigger screen sizes, to the point where making a 55-inch TV curved is of questionable benefit. But we have quietly enjoyed the curve on the 65-inch offerings of Samsung and Sony, and as a result we’re at least intrigued to see what we make of even larger curved models when they arrive.

Read our televisions customer reviews on to discover the best set for your needs. If you’re looking for a device with premium picture and sound, check out some of the LED or LCD TVs sets to really take your viewing to the next level. These LED or LCD screens make every pixel count, and they’ll go great with your digital devices, such as your Blu-ray player. Plug in that player and take in your favorite movie as it was meant to be seen, in stunning high definition.{curved tv|curved tv vs flat|curved tv walmart|curved tv reviews|curved tv or not|curved tv best buy|curved tv stand|curved tv worth it|curved tv mount|curved tv on wall}

If you live on your own or always watch TV on your own and sit at the centre of the radius of the curve at the right height all the time, then there is no problem getting the curved screen. If not get a flat one. They are a bit of a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick but seems to be standard issue on mid to high end sets these days, but at least you don’t have to use it. A curved screen is curved all the time.

The number of curved TVs Samsung sold in 2016 increased 50 percent compared to 2015. A huge increase is also expected again for 2017 before demand plateaus and then slowly starts to fall up to 2020. But these aren’t small numbers we’re talking about. The global market for curved TVs this year is expected to be 11 million, then 10.3 million next year, 9.6 million in 2019, and 7.6 million in 2020. And with competitors bailing out, Samsung clearly sees itself as grabbing the lion’s share of those sales.