Scottsdale man accused of using fake doctor’s notes to sexually assault nursing assistant

Written by admin on August 6, 2017 and posted in Tech.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Police say a Scottsdale man is accused of preying on a young nursing assistant just starting out in her career.

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Jerry Geisler, 71, is facing sexual assault and fraud charges after authorities say he wrote detailed instructions for his in-home nursing assistant that gave him sexual gratification.

“He appears to be a very skilled manipulator,” said Sgt. Ben Hoster with Scottsdale Police. Visit this website for more info.

According to court documents, Geisler requested an in-home nurse from CareMinders Home Care of Scottsdale. He requested a 30-year-old female but the agency sent a 19-year-old certified nursing assistant and nursing student.

“He was able to see with her young age, he was able to prey upon her,” Hoster said.

Court documents revealed Geisler gave the victim typed letters from someone named “Yvonne.” He claimed it was his psychologist and would contact the woman every week through the letters.

The detailed notes explained Geisler had a medical condition with “no control over his erections,” had the “mentality of a 10-year-old” and “likes to steal candy.”

The caregiver was also instructed by this “so-called doctor” to help Geisler with his enemas and rub lotion on his body.

“These procedures were sexually gratifying for him,” Hoster said.

For weeks the notes from “Yvonne” continued, telling the victim she needed to “step up, be mature and firm with him.”

But finally, she was instructed to “whip” him with a homemade whip because it was the only thing “that would stop him from stealing candy.”

That’s when the woman refused and called police.

Scottsdale Police served a search warrant on his home, where they say they found the typed notes ripped up in the trash. And they believe he was the one who wrote them, pretending to be a doctor to trick her into sexually gratifying him.

ABC15 reached out to CareMinders but they did not wish to comment on the story. However, they said if anyone is caring for a person and something seems off to get out of the situation and tell a supervisor right away.

The judge told Geisler that due to the nature of the crimes he will not be released from jail until his case is completed.

CLARIFICATION: While the victim in this case is a certified nursing assistant she is referred to and was hired as a full-fledged “nurse” from the company that employed her.